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Expelled!—coming to Canada June 6


There is a new documentary released in theatres in the US on April 18, Expelled: No intelligence allowed, starring the actor and comedian, Ben Stein. CMI highly recommends this movie, with a few caveats, and we are encouraging our supporters to go see it.Expelled

The movie highlights the extreme bias among evolutionists against anything to do with religion, God, or even an impersonal ‘designer’. The moral implications of evolutionary theory are strongly dealt with in sections on the Nazi atrocities and the euthanasia movement. The interview with Richard Dawkins in the final few minutes is worth the price of admission alone. If you know anything of Dawkins, the self-proclaimed apostle of evolutionary atheism and author of the best-selling The God Delusion, (see our review) you will be shocked to see him contradict everything he has written about evolution over the past several decades. Did Stein set him up? Did Dawkins walk into a trap? Or, has poor Richard really given into the idea that a designer is possible, even if that designer is an alien? Stein is an old earth, intelligent design advocate and not a young earth creationist. Perhaps to make the movie seem more acceptable to young earth creationists, there is no mention of the age of the earth anywhere in the film.

This is perhaps the greatest drawback is that the evolutionists interviewed all rail against the ‘creationists’ and the intelligent design advocates also deny creation. So someone unaware of the distinctions would not walk out of the movie with a greater understanding of the biblical position. However, even though there is no direct support for our cause, Expelled is still worth seeing. It is provocative enough, accurate enough, and powerful enough to earn two thumbs up from CMI.

CMI already has two articles about Expelled on our website:

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We also have an article about one of the scientists featured prominently in the movie, Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez:

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New Audio CDs by Canadian speakers

Four NEW audio CDs just arrived! Dr Emil Silvestru, Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith cover subjects such as:


Genesis, the Gospel and the Creation Evolution Issue
(Dr Emil Silvestru): an eye-opening overview of the origins debate by a leading creation scientist.


Codes and Creation
(Calvin Smith): evolution’s inability to explain the origin of the amazing complexity of life at the smallest level.


What the Bible and Science Say about the Age of the Earth (Richard Fangrad): clear teaching on the age of the earth from both the Bible and science.


The Evolution of Human Evolution (Dr Emil Silvestru): massive problems with human evolution theories.

5 pack

Individual CDs are $7. Along with Richard Fangrad’s Genesis and the Gospel Connection CD, you can get all 5 for $20.

Plan ahead for 2009

2009 marks the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of his book The Origin of Species. The Evolutionists and atheists are already gearing up for battle. What about you? Would you like a creation speaker to come to your community? Our fully-trained ministry coordinators can make it easy for you. If you would like to join us in the fight, contact us by phone (519) 746-3543 or send an email to: events@creation.info

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